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Offering Home Appraisal Near Catawissa, PA, and Throughout the Susquehanna Valley

A divorce can be an emotionally trying time. It’s difficult enough to deal with the main proceedings—let alone to try and figure out what to do with possessions like your house.

A divorce appraisal is designed to help you make sure that decisions made regarding your house are handled fairly. At J.H. Brandt Appraisals, we’re prepared to provide professional home appraisal service to clients in Catawissa, PA, and throughout the Susquehanna Valley. Get the house valuation service you deserve, and let us help with your divorce.

Why Get a Divorce Appraisal?

When getting a divorce, the home will generally either be sold—and the profits split—or one person will continue living in it and pay the other a settlement. Generally, you’ll need to get a house appraisal to help determine either the selling price or the settlement price. Our goal is to provide you with an accurate property value estimate, taking into account a number of different factors to ensure you get the results you need.

Let the Experts Assist You

If you need a home appraisal for your divorce, consider giving us a call. We’re proud to serve individuals near Catawissa, PA, and throughout the Susquehanna Valley.