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Providing Expert Testimony for Clients Near Catawissa, PA, and the Susquehanna Valley

Expert testimony may be needed during certain court proceedings. We can provide expert testimony for appraisals if you’re near Catawissa, PA, or anywhere in the Susquehanna Valley.

At J.H. Brandt Appraisals, we have extensive experience in the field and the knowledge necessary to provide an accurate assessment of an appraisal. We are reliable, honest professionals that always work with integrity; simply contact us today to learn more.

Understand Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony is, essentially, testimony provided during legal proceedings by people who are experts in certain fields. In the case of appraisals, a professional may be called in during divorce proceedings, estate settlements, or other situations in order to verify the accuracy of an appraisal. Should the appraisal be judged as inaccurate, the appraiser can also provide information on how the property should have been appraised and provide a more accurate home valuation.

The Assistance You Need

Do you need a local appraiser who can provide litigation support and help determine the worth of a house? If you’re near Catawissa, PA, or anywhere throughout the Susquehanna Valley, then consider contacting us. Get the expert testimony you need.